With Bill's unique technical background and his 15+ years as a concrete artisan, he has decided not to just stop at general concrete applications, but to go outside of the box with custom concrete countertops, sinks, furniture, and much more! Bill's artistic insight allows him to take your idea and recreate it in three dimensions, allowing for the full concept to take place. The 21st century has proven that concrete is now the material of modern architecture!

  • It doesn't stop with the kitchen sink!

    Bill's outside of the box portfolio includes custom concrete furniture pieces such as executive modern chairs, dining room tables, patio tables and chairs, outdoor kitchens, and much more. Concrete furniture allows for endless possibilities of clean or hard lines, virtually any molded shapes, and colors that range from muted earth tones to acid washes and stamped iridescent primary hues. See your design come to life!

  • Custom concrete tables

    With our unique fabrication and design processes, we are able to design and install custom concrete tables. Our tables assist your home in becoming ordinary to extraordinary. We offer endless styles and finishes for conference tables, coffee tables, dining tables, patio tables, and end tables.